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All About Oscar

Oscar was an owner-surrender from here in Nebraska. His owner really loved him, and it shows, as Oscar is such a well-behaved, fully house-trained, loving pup. Oscar is 10 years old and a standard-dachshund, weighing approximately 23lbs. He is altered and up-to-date on his shots. He has only one toe on his back left paw, but that doesn't hinder this little fellow at all. Oscar also has the beginnings of cataracts and cannot see steps to menu ever up or down more than one, on his own. He does well to tolerate being carried up or down, if he wants to be with whomever is at the other end of a long flight of stairs.

Oscar loves to play fetch, and will toss the ball back to you every time. His favorite toy is his little squeaker dragon, which he will shake and shake trying to get that squeaker out. Oscar loves trips to the local pet store, where he will pick out anything that squeaks! Upon arriving home, he will bounce and bounce until you get his toy out so he can properly shake and toss it around, breaking it in.

Oscar's best play pal was a young man (in college now) that would run and chase, and play fetch with Oscar for hours and hours. Oscar loves every young man he encounters, hoping to find one that will take him home and play with him, like his other young man. He also had a loving mom, who would take Oscar on long walks. And, Oscar does really well to stay pretty close, even off the leash. He does, however, visit every tree, stone or markable along the all boys do.

Foster mom reports that Oscar prefers to have his own space, but tolerates other pups well, as long as they give him his space. He likes to prance around with the 6 month old pup, but is leery of the other male in the house that is 5 years and alpha. Oscar will avoid altercations, at all costs, and will give a bark when he's had enough nose to nose with the other pups. Oscar is VERY mild-mannered, content to hang out on the couch until it is time to play, go for a walk, or a car ride to anywhere. He's an excellent travel companion.

If other pups are in the dining area, Oscar will walk away if they approach his bowl, and return when they've finished invading his meal. In fact, he will walk away from anything that invades his space... he really prefers solitude when he eats, sleeps & plays. If another pup takes an interest in what Oscar has, he will walk away from it. Foster mom believes that Oscar may have had a nasty altercation with another dog, over toys or food, as he will avoid the potential at all cost!

Foster mom discovered that Oscar does not care for cats. Either that, or he just didn't like the kitty at the vet that took a swipe at his favorite pal, Annabelle. It was the first time Oscar took a stand on anything!

Oscar is completely house-trained, and does not have territorial marking needs or habits. While he prefers to hang out on the couch or his favorite blanket, Oscar has taken rather quickly to staying in a kennel for short periods, and at night. Oscar does very well to sleep on a bed or with his human, but with other pups sharing the space, he prefers the kennel. Oscar will pace most of the night, if other pups try to snuggle near him. He doesn't care for the pack-snuggle at all. If he's on the couch, and another pup jumps up near him, he'll give a bark of discomfort and jump down until the space has been cleared.

Oscar would be a wonderful companion for an older person, single male or anyone that prefers to have a single, perfect dog for their companion. Foster mom believes that Oscar would also do very well with an active family, especially one with older children that would love to play fetch with him.

His adoption fee is $150. Click here for more information about adopting Oscar.


Oscar Oscar
Oscar Oscar
Oscar Oscar
Oscar Oscar


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