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We design printed media using a multitude of digital media to compliment and meet your company needs.

Every design we create utilizes a variety of designing tools and programs to best define each customer's unique printed media needs.

Click any listed item that you're interested in to be taken to a sample of our work in that area, then click any photo to see the larger final copy:

This is the hosting Service that we use and recommend


Pet Care Brochure

Tri-Fold Information Brochure

Inside Brochure

Brochures can be simple or complex, depending on the type and amount of information that you want to present. Typically, a brochure is designed to be placed strategically for the passerby to pick up or, direct distribution.

Regardless of intent, the brochure requires a strategic design, implementing a visual flow of information. Your Theme, goal or main point is encaptioned on the cover, and the number of folds are strategic to the flow of information desired.

The brochure sample is a 3-fold, that when folded, builds the information as the brochure is opened. The front gives specific information about the purpose. The inside folds present a more detailed summary of information, leading to the detailed content, when fully opened.

This is just one sample of the many brochure styles that can be created. Contact us to discuss the best style for your brochure needs.

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Parade-o-Pooches dog wash
No-Bull PDA Association

Flyers are wonderful tools for temporary advertising of special events The key is in creating an eye-catching presentation that you can mass produce. The design can be more informational, as in a newsletter, or it can be poster-quality. The end result should be something that is versitile for every application.

Contact us, and we will gladly help guide your flyer needs or other short-term information that you need to get out. They can be as simple as a one page presentation, as the samples presented, or you can design a special mailer, similar to a folded brochure.

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Training Material

Training Material is any information used for the purpose of generating knowledge.

We can create simple training material, such as hand-outs, overheads, or powerpoints (sample shown). Or, we can generate more complex presentations, such as interactive PDF (sample shown), Study Guides, Test Booklets, or web-based training.

There are many ways to diseminate information. Contact us to discuss what would work best for you.

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Business Cards
Executive Steel Band Executive Steel Band - GreyScale
Chapman Media IPIC
Horizontal Buisness Card
Chapman Essential Spa - Product Card Gussy Goose - Product Card
Vertical Business/Product Card

Business Cards are a snap-shot of your company. You want to present who you are, what you have to offer, and how a customer can contact you to get it. Simple as that!

Today, business cards refer to the card size, and not necessarily a contact card. Our customers use them for contact information, product cards, gift cards, or a small card to showcase a product line.

To us, the business card is a mini 3.5"x2" billboard. You can put whatever you want to showcase on them. You can even have a digital business card. We can also customize the size, using card-qulity paper.

Contact us to discuss your mini-billboard needs!

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mock stationery

Letterhead is very important. We use such a huge variety of paper forms and documents that need a visual representation of our company. In this area, we are capable of designing your needs, using your logo, tagline, and contact information; tailored to whatever form type you may need.

The sample is a silly set (Stationery, Business Card, Envelope) that we created to give you an idea of the basic letterhead application.

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Epitemology Preschool Falun Dalfa Newsletter/Pamphlet

A Newsletter develops an idea or collection of ideas that your business wants to deliver to a larger target marker. It can be designed for paper or electronic delivery. The beauty of the electronic PDF is that it can be accessed by compute anywhere in the world - postage free!

The samples were designed for both. As a PDF file, your customers can upload multiple pages into a seperate window, that does not take them away from your primary site page(s).

Another way to utilize the PDF newsletter is to incorporate a download or print button; giving your customers the option to get a hardcopy without waiting for the mail. This method works extremely well for contracts and forms.

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Joel Head Shot
8x10 to edge
Joel Captioned
8x10 Framed/Captioned

Closure Image

Example of
Art Framing

Dog Place Series 2

Example of framing and presenting digital work.

Do you need a visual portfolio piece?

We do headshots, digital portfolio staging and other media presentational material that one would use for a visual resume.

Contact us to discuss your portfolio needs.

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Contracts or Other Documents
Basic Resume
We can do single page
or mulit-page Resumes

Color or Black & White
We have many legal
Documents for landlords
Failure to Pay Legal Form
Failure to Pay Notice
Band Contract
Performance Contract
We can revamp or
Customize Contracts
for any type business

Documents are the meat and potatoes of any business, whether on-line or not. It doesn't matter if you are a corporation, small business, e-commerce business or a band, you will need to use some form of documentation to track your customers and your business.

No matter if it is electronic or digital, the world will always require a paper-trail!

We will customize contracts, documents and forms to meet the needs of your company. In this, we believe that you must maintain a complete organization of your business. This includes having the Contracts, Forms and other documents that cater to every current and potential customer situation that you might encounter.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you get the paper-trail organized, professional and on-line.

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Posters or Campaign Media
Behind the 8-ball saved doxies 1
Motivational Artistic Photography
Parade-o-Pooches The Executive Steel Band
Event Poster Business Promotional
NDR poster  
Business Promotional

Posters are an important part of any print campaign. Depending on the type of business you have will dictate the design and size of your poster. You can have them as small as tabloid (11x17); to tack on a message board or in a store window. Or, they can be as big as a bill board.

We design poster and campaign media to afford you the ability to substantially reduce the cost when going to a sign company for your final copy. We have found that most t-shirt and other media producting companies use the same (but older versions) programs that we use to design printed and other specialty campaign media.

Contact us to discuss and plan your campaign!

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Marketing Packages

Adopt a Dachshund!
Nebraska Dachshund Rescue
Featured Adoptable Dachshund:

More about Oscar

Most of the dachshunds acquired by the Nebraska Dachshund rescue come from puppy mills or have been abandoned by their families (for many reasons).

You save 2 lives when you pay the adoption fee. The one you adopt and the one you make room for! If you cannot adopt, there are many other ways that you can help save these beautiful dachshunds.

We need foster homes and donations for the growing population of abandoned, neglected and puppymill dachshunds rescued by the Nebraska Dachshund Rescue Group. 100% of all donation and fees are used toward the medical care of our rescued dachshunds.

Click here for more information about Nebraska Dachshund Rescue, and how you can help!

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