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Coming Soon: Tips or tricks for business management, website development and general business sense.

This is the hosting Service that we use and recommend for small business and personal web sites


We welcome any tips or tricks that you would like to share. Just send your tip or trick to us along with:

  • Trick or Tip Title
  • Category: Business Management, Website, General
  • Brief Description
  • your name or the name of the author
  • contact information


When you are ready to have a designer or programmer work on your site, be sure you have acquired the following within your contract:

  • Date of Completion/Target Date
  • Detailed Itemization of Exactly what is included in the price quoted
  • Assignment! -VERY IMPORTANT- Be sure you have been given a detailed list of who will own what when the job is done. Don't get caught with unscrupulous designers that can hold your web site hostage, because of ambiguous ownership rights of the code, content, logo or design of YOUR website.

Some things to be sure you have ownership of:

Your Domain Name: Okay, sure they can register it for you, but unless you get it in writing or have documentation that they are simply acting on your behalf, YOU DON'T OWN IT. Better rule-of-thumb: Register it yourself! It's not as difficult as it sounds. The same thing goes for your hosting service; sign up and pay for this service yourself!

Hosting Service: Yes, this sounds way too complicated for many, but it's no different than signing up for an e-mail account. The difference is that you own the administration of the site, as well as, KNOW exactly what it costs and what is included in that cost.

FTP Access: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is basically how one can access your site's administration panel. It's how we upload the information to be published on your site. Be sure that you can access your hosting service.

Do not put 100% reliance on your web designer/programmer to set everything up for you. Bottom line here, if they don't put your name on the service, or give you something in writing to show that you are the one paying for it, YOU DON'T OWN it, and have no recourse should your designer or programmer decide you cannot access your site without paying extra.

Best rule here, sign up for the hosting service yourself, and give a temporary ftp access to your designer or programmer. Most hosting companies will help you set-up a temporary ftp access. If you're uncomfortable doing this, give them the details of access, and then change your login and password when they have completed the job.

Just be sure to have those changes somewhere safe, in the event you need to have other work done, in the future.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. As I've told my students, and I'm sure you've heard many times;





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